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Brittney Mathurin

I like to think of myself as a Beauty Enthusiast.

Although I am an island girl living in a simply beautiful Caribbean island called St. Lucia, I have grown to become obsessed with everything beauty. This all began when I was a little girl, gazing at my mother in awe when she lined her lips with black eyeliner and filled them in with a bright red lipstick. As I got older, let's just say that my obsession grew into an addiction.

I used to be the girl with a plan, and had my mind set on accomplishing that particular plan, but life just doesn't go as planned. I came from knowing what I wanted to do in life, to being completely lost, depressed and confused.

Upon discovering the blogging community, and realised that I was not the only beauty addict that exists, I was truly inspired and decided to create my own blog.

'' is a space where I, Brittney Mathurin, get to share my obsession with makeup, fashion and beautiful island with the rest of the world. As I continue along my journey of discovering my dreams, I hope that I inspire many to DO SOMETHING, instead of nothing.

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