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Wednesday, June 24

Let's just start by asking this... what is 2020? 

At the start of this year, I found myself mentally at one of my lowest points. While everyone wishfully made their new year resolutions, I looked back at my never-ending unchecked resolutions of previous years. Tip to oneself; do not look back on things not accomplished, move forward in having them accomplished


With hurricane-like winds came Covid-19, gushing out fear and worry in the lives and homes of every individual and family. On the contrary, Covid-19 brought me awareness. Awareness in the understanding of things out of my control, acceptance of disappointments and importance of multiple income streams. 

To the things I can't control, I let you go. 

To my many disappointments, everything happens for a reason. 

To my one source of income, I'm grateful but not complacent.

Awareness of such things brought me an improved mental state and a greater lesson in not accomplishing what I wanted to be accomplished. Since awareness tends to lead to action, hopefully, I can take action this year in doing something.


Wednesday, February 19
I'm kind of at a point in my life where I am seriously sick of those 'New Beginning' or 'New Chapter' quotes, topics or conversations especially at the beginning of a new year. I just wish I could wake up one morning and my life can find a way to figure itself out on it's own.

Yesterday, I was texting a friend of mine and we were talking about how down I felt and how I'm not satisfied with where my life is currently and not accomplishing enough at my age (I'm 23 btw) and he had the nerve to say this...
"Didn't you say the same thing last year" 😱

Let us all take a moment of silence...

Now back to where we were.

Excuse Me? How dare you?

I was shooketh to the core of my soul. Absolutely no sympathy just shade and more shade. So what if I said that a billion times, can't you just help me, can't you just give me advice, can't you just pray for me or pray with me?

He honestly made me feel so disappointed in myself. And that's when I realised that time really does fly by, if I don't start living for myself today, I might be saying the same thing next year and I really do not want to. It's time to change things for a bit and start crossing things off of my bucket list. It's time to step out of my comfort zone and live a little. It's time...

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