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Sunday, January 7

Trying to find the right foundation is not as easy as it looks. Each foundation is unique in it's own way some are matte, some or dewy, some provide a full coverage and some provide a light coverage. For the past year, I have been switching out between three drugstore foundations that I've grown to love for different reasons.

I am in the shade 355 Coconut and I wore this foundation the most out of all three throughout last year and I love the way that it made my skin look. If you're looking for a foundation that's medium coverage, matte and lightweight, this is the perfect foundation for you. I did experience some oiliness towards the end of the day so I would suggest setting this foundation with really a good setting powder.

 Towards the end of last year, I bought this foundation in the shade 13 Chestnut and I was so surprised the first time I used it. It is the perfect foundation for someone who loves building their foundation from medium to full coverage. Keep in mind that this is not a matte foundation and it takes a long time to dry or set into the skin so you definitely will have to use a mattifying primer for longevity. 

I love an easy effortless no-makeup makeup look and if you're like me you will love this foundation. It has a very light coverage, looks natural almost like your own skin and feels extremely lightweight. Maybelline has pointed out that the formula in this foundation can help improve the appearance of skin in just three weeks which is the main reason why I bought it in the shade 95 Coconut.

P.S: Click the name of each product to get the direct link for purchase.
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