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Monday, February 15

Before I get into this post, I recently discovered that my blog has made it to 5000 page views. YAY!! This is so exciting and I am so thankful and grateful to you all for all the support and love that you guys have given me.

Lately, I have been experiencing really dry skin and dry lips. I went to the doctor to find out why this is happening and was told that it was because of my allergies. I had no clue that I had any sort of allergies, but apparently I do.

To help keep my lips moisturized, I decided to get a Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter. I don't know why I got a lip butter instead of a regular chapstick -maybe I was trying to be fancy.  The shade that I got is 020 Brown Sugar because I wanted a shade that I could wear every day. On the picture with the swatch it looks silver because of the light bouncing off of the glitter) but on my lip, it looks like a sheer brown lip butter with lots and lots of glitter.

This lip butter is definitely moisturizing and ever since I've started using it, my lips have not been as dry before which suggests that it is getting the job done.

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