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Friday, February 5

I am truly grateful and blessed to say that January was a good month. January was filled with amazing conversations, memories and realisation of the things I personally need to work on about myself. This was also the month that I did a mini re-launch of '', and I continue to look forward to working harder to being a more consistent blogger.

My first post on Instagram for the month of January was a picture of myself celebrating New Years Day at a family party. The party was filled with lots of laughter and of course, dancing (in my family, a party would not be completed without dancing). I then posted a picture of my one and only eyeshadow palette that I own, in relation to my first blog post for the new year, which was soon followed by a quote which meant so much to me and my growth process towards becoming a better me.

To explain what the quote means; our perspective and perception on life, beauty, people, food, attraction, etc, impacts our everyday lives immensely, in a positive, as well as a negative way without we even realising it. Let us use food as an example; would you eat something if you perceive it to be disgusting? But, if you look at it from a different perspective and realise that it is beneficial for your health in a GREAT way, then, you would eat it. Perception and perspective is everything.

I have also been trying to work on my blog photography skills, by posting a picture of some M.A.C makeup items that I own, and a picture relating to one of my blog posts, titled, 'Product Empties'. My skills are very rusty and need a lot of work, but hopefully, I get there soon.

My last post for the month of January was a bit of a lazy post. I went over to, where I found a picture of a coconut tree leaf which matched my so called ' white theme', and posted it. I was also missing and wishing that I was at the beach.

That is all that I posted on my Instagram for the month of January. The days fly by so quickly, I can't believe it's already February. Where does time go? I hope February is starting off great for you all.

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