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Monday, February 29
Life has a funny way of knocking us down when we least expect it, which causes us to be sad, confused, and sometimes depressed.

Negativity has a strange way of taking over our lives and our feelings faster and longer than positivity does. Which is why if you want to fight negativity you have to constantly keep thinking of what's positive about you, your life, your situation, your job, your family, your health, etc. We have so much in this world to be thankful for that we take for granted. I won't say that I am currently in a negative space or mindset but I do need to be a lot more positive than I am.

One of my teachers once said this to me, "You will never solve your problem if you don't start thinking of a solution". Can you tell that he was a maths teacher? I'm going to share with you all, some things that I have been doing to help me be more positive.

One of the first things I do is get rid of the negativity that is surrounding me and you will have to do that also. Whether it is negative influences such as friends, or things that make you feel worse about yourself. If you stalk other people's social media profiles and get sad because your life isn't so glamourous then stop doing that too. Focus on you and how to make you and your life better, and keep in mind that good things take time.

Expressing how you feel is a great way to get rid of negativity but sadly sometimes, when you tell people how you feel it can get misunderstood or blown out of proportion, so what I like to do is write. I find that when I write my feelings down on a piece of paper I feel so much better after, and I don't have to deal with other people's opinions and feelings. If you like drawing or listening to music, then you can do that to help you express yourself. If talking to others is what helps you then do that, but always remember that there are some people that want to help you, while there are others that only want to hear about your business.

If you're a believer in Christ like I am, you would know that nothing is impossible with God. God did not put us on this earth to be sad for the rest of our lives. As a believer what I like to do when I'm in a negative mindset, is go to YouTube and listen to Joel Osteen sermons, because Mr. Osteen knows how to put me in a positive mood. When I was going to college that was one of the things I did every morning was listen to Joel Osteen sermons which helped stop me from giving a few of my lecturers, lecturing tips.

Believe it or not, there are people on this earth with the intention of purposely breaking you down. Whether it's someone that is making your life difficult at home, at work, at school, or someone who just doesn't like you for no reason. You can't give them that power to break you down, which is why you have to make it seem like whatever they are doing to you or, the way that they feel about you doesn't affect you. Practice a good "I'm mad or sad but you can't tell face", smiling always helps, even if it's a fake smile.

That is just a few of the things that I do to help keep me more positive. Thank you all for reading and I hope that some of my tips help you all out.

Please comment down below if you have any questions or message me on snapchat @brittneyslu, if you would like to have a conversation.

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Monday, February 15

Before I get into this post, I recently discovered that my blog has made it to 5000 page views. YAY!! This is so exciting and I am so thankful and grateful to you all for all the support and love that you guys have given me.

Lately, I have been experiencing really dry skin and dry lips. I went to the doctor to find out why this is happening and was told that it was because of my allergies. I had no clue that I had any sort of allergies, but apparently I do.

To help keep my lips moisturized, I decided to get a Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter. I don't know why I got a lip butter instead of a regular chapstick -maybe I was trying to be fancy.  The shade that I got is 020 Brown Sugar because I wanted a shade that I could wear every day. On the picture with the swatch it looks silver because of the light bouncing off of the glitter) but on my lip, it looks like a sheer brown lip butter with lots and lots of glitter.

This lip butter is definitely moisturizing and ever since I've started using it, my lips have not been as dry before which suggests that it is getting the job done.

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Friday, February 5

I am truly grateful and blessed to say that January was a good month. January was filled with amazing conversations, memories and realisation of the things I personally need to work on about myself. This was also the month that I did a mini re-launch of '', and I continue to look forward to working harder to being a more consistent blogger.

My first post on Instagram for the month of January was a picture of myself celebrating New Years Day at a family party. The party was filled with lots of laughter and of course, dancing (in my family, a party would not be completed without dancing). I then posted a picture of my one and only eyeshadow palette that I own, in relation to my first blog post for the new year, which was soon followed by a quote which meant so much to me and my growth process towards becoming a better me.

To explain what the quote means; our perspective and perception on life, beauty, people, food, attraction, etc, impacts our everyday lives immensely, in a positive, as well as a negative way without we even realising it. Let us use food as an example; would you eat something if you perceive it to be disgusting? But, if you look at it from a different perspective and realise that it is beneficial for your health in a GREAT way, then, you would eat it. Perception and perspective is everything.

I have also been trying to work on my blog photography skills, by posting a picture of some M.A.C makeup items that I own, and a picture relating to one of my blog posts, titled, 'Product Empties'. My skills are very rusty and need a lot of work, but hopefully, I get there soon.

My last post for the month of January was a bit of a lazy post. I went over to, where I found a picture of a coconut tree leaf which matched my so called ' white theme', and posted it. I was also missing and wishing that I was at the beach.

That is all that I posted on my Instagram for the month of January. The days fly by so quickly, I can't believe it's already February. Where does time go? I hope February is starting off great for you all.

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