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Wednesday, March 25

I used to be a lipstick girl, but now I am officially a lip liner girl. For the past couple of months I have ditched the lipsticks for lip liners and I am loving it. I love the way that they don't smudge as much as lipsticks and the way they give that matte finish to my lips. Lately I've been more into nudes or colours close to brown for more of a natural look. 

Time Reveals EVERYTHING!!

"But he pushed me away, he didn't love me." she cried out.
"He did love you, he just didn't know how to show it" her mother replied.
"But when you got with him, did you ever think that he was good enough to raise a child?" the saddened girl asked. "I deserve to be love, I deserve to have a father that shows me his love." 
As she poured her tears into her mothers lap while sitting on the carpet floor and her mother sitting at the end of the couch. She was so blind, caught up in her tears and her saddened heart that she didn't realise that the one that she blamed did the best that she could. The one she thought that hated her did the best that he could. They got together not because of love, it was because her mother run to him for provision and he was just going along with 'having a girlfriend', until she came along.
"Just because you deserve it doesn't mean you are mean't to get it." her mother tried to explain. "There are some things that I have done and gone through that I cannot share with you." When I stayed with my father I used to ran away, but I don't want to tell you about that."
Hearing those last words silenced her tears, it was like her heart stopped as she raised her head from her mother's lap and thought to herself, how she could have been so selfish and self-centred, only thinking about her pain and her struggles. She then begin to realise that what she's going through was nothing compared to what her mother went through, if it led to her mother running away -after all when someone runs away especially someone like her mother who has been so strong throughout those years that it must have been really awful. But then she stops and begins to think again. What was it that her mother went through, what was the tragedy? As the saying goes 'everything will be revealed in time'. I guess we will have to wait and see...
                                                                                                                                              xoxo, Sad

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