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Wednesday, May 20

Hi loves, I've been doing some site seeing and travelling all across my beautiful island (St. Lucia), and I decided to share some pictures from my adventure with you guys to make my blog a little more interesting. I recently went to Marigot Bay with some of my family's closest friends and I had a blast. I had so much fun and many new experiences, that my fingers are so excited and jumping all across my keyboard in typing this.

The sandy area with the tall coconut trees that you see is the part of Marigot Bay that persons go to bathe and enjoy the beach. It looks tiny in the picture, but it is the perfect place if you are someone who does not like crowded, loud beaches. 

Because of where the area is located we had to get a boat to get there. This was my first time stepping foot on a boat. Can you believe that an eighteen-year-old girl, born and raised in the Caribbean has never been on any type of boat? Well not anymore. Since I have never been on one I always feared them, but it was not that bad and felt like I was at the back of a very slow pick up truck.

When we got there, the warm sand felt amazing rushing through the gaps between my toes, the coconut trees made the perfect beach umbrellas and the view of the bay was perfect. This little area was absolutely beautiful.

I got to see so many boats up close, playing reggae music with tourists dancing and partying and some were really calm while they enjoyed the view. Seeing other people enjoy my island is truly amazing and gives me that feeling and awareness that I am blessed to have an island that I call home.

The sea was crystal clear and warm. The way its colour's cascades from clear to green to blue is absolutely beautiful.

In less than no time I had to go for a swim (even though I couldn't), but it doesn't hurt to try in shallow water right? I went in the water twice because I wanted to enjoy every bit of it.

When I got out of the water the first time, I got to see some cool art pieces that other locals like me made. This one is actually a bird feed made out of dried coconut. How creative is this? I even gave him the idea of painting them to give it a more realistic feel. You can even play around with all the different parts because you could move them around.

Excuse my raisin fingers -evidence that I stayed in the water way too long. Of course, I had to eat a fruit while I was there so I opted for a sweet, juicy mango. I ate two in fact cause they were that good.

After eating my mangoes, I stayed in the water for a little bit more but then it was time to leave because the sun was beginning to tell us goodbye. All in all, this was truly an amazing day, and goes into my book of 'Some of my best days ever'. I definitely recommend visiting there but be sure to bring food with you.
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