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Thursday, May 14

Hey lovies, I recently went on a mini shopping spree -even though I bought four items before my money ran out. I needed to get some pampering products for my hair, and what better product to pamper your hair with than a deep conditioner, so I bought two deep conditioners by HASK. They were very inexpensive and I bought them at the M&C Drugstore.

The first deep conditioner that I got is the "HASK Naturals Repairing Masque", this is the first time I have tried this deep conditioner and when I opened the packet I was so surprised. The smell of this is so amazing that I literally stood there smelling it. If you're wondering what the smell or scent is, it is somewhat of a tropical, floral scent. 

The next deep conditioner that I got is the"HASK Monoi Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner". This one also has an amazing scent. The scent for some reason reminds me of Coconuts. HASK doesn't seem to disappoint with scent. I've used this once before and it made my hair feel so soft and easy to detangle. My hair felt moisturized and soft for an entire week, which is rare with my natural hair, and it made my hair smell like coconuts too. This is why I repurchased it and decided to try out some more HASK Deep Conditioners. I have used other deep conditioners like the "Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intense Conditioning Treatment" and it only made my hair feel dry which caused my hair strands to snap and break off. I'm loving HASK Deep Conditioners and I don't see myself using anything else.

All of the items listed above were bought with my own money and these are my personal opinions about each product. 
Feel free to use my pictures, but I would appreciate giving credit.
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