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Tuesday, April 7

Hey everyone, welcome to 'Must Have Tuesdays' where I post every Tuesday items from makeup, food, jewelry, nail polish, etc, that I cannot live without or that I have been loving. This is first out of many ideas that I have in store for you guys and I'm really excited to post and express my love for each individual item and many more items to come. If you haven't noticed, I become obsessed with things very easily. So for the first 'Must Have Tuesdays', there are 3 things that I just cannot let go of or I find myself repurchasing and they are:

Dove Orignal Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

This is the first spray deodorant that I actually like, I have tried or used some other brands and by half way through the day I'm back to being a sweaty, smelly mess, which is why I have avoided spray deodorants for the stick versions instead. This deodorant actually lasts all day even to the next morning/afternoon when I have one of those days where I take a bathe at 3pm. I love it sooo much that I only used it for special occasions, that's how delusional I am but also that's how much I'm in love with it.

Ruby Kisses Lightning Top Coat

The next amazing item that I love is the 'Ruby Kisses Lightning Top Coat'. I have repurchased this twice and keep on loving it. This is the product that helps my nail polish last for a really long time, like an entire week. Although it enhances my laziness for doing nails, but that is something that I cannot be upset about. This product is actually one of two Ruby Kisses nail polishes that I own.

Tea Tree Oil

The last item is 'Tea Tree Oil'. My skin has been on a roller coaster lately and this helps my skin ALOT. I tend to break out more above my upper lip and this product is like magic. It doesn't get rid of the pimples immediately, but it helps to get rid of it faster, and it's all-natural so that's a plus.

That's all for my 'Must Have Tuesdays' lovies. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Feel free to comment and please subscribe to my blog for updates and follow me on my social media outlets, you can even email me to provide me with blogging ideas and I might just post about it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Good Friday and Easter, God Bless and see you in my next post!

All of the items listed above were bought with my own money and these are my personal opinions about each product. 
Feel free to use my pictures, but I would appreciate giving credit.
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