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Wednesday, March 25

I used to be a lipstick girl, but now I am officially a lip liner girl. For the past couple of months I have ditched the lipsticks for lip liners and I am loving it. I love the way that they don't smudge as much as lipsticks and the way they give that matte finish to my lips. Lately I've been more into nudes or colours close to brown for more of a natural look. 

Here goes my top favourite lip liners that I bought from "Wings of Love" from top to bottom according to the picture above:
  1. NYX 829 HOT COCOA
  2. Nabi L06 CHOCOLATE
  3. NYX 810 NATURAL
 Now onto nail polish...

Cherimoya matte-n-a nail polish in MNA26 Documentary is actually the first matte nail polish that I have every bought. I bought this nail polish at a local drugstore (M&C Drugstore) during the summer of 2014 and I fell in love with it. I originally thought that the colour was very black but it has somewhat of a red undertone to it that you see if you look very closely, but it is still fairly black. The nail polish goes on really smooth and shiny at first but dries matte.

SANTEE M51 Afterglow is my favourite nail polish ever. The colour is like a nude for darker girls like myself and is the exact colour that you see on the bottle. I bought it from "Wings of Love" and it was very inexpensive. It literally goes on my nails like butter, easy to apply and dries very quickly. Probably one of my favourite nail polish brands and I would surely be wearing it a lot this year.

All of the items listed above were bought with my own money and these are my personal opinions about each product.

xoxo, Embracing my nudes

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