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Thursday, March 26

April is just around the corner and I have already made my wishlist. Due to where I live it's not possible to purchase some of the items in my country, which is why I am seeking to purchase them online. All of the items listed are makeup items because I need to grow my makeup collection.

Here are the names of the items on my list:

1) #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso
Lately I've been really into reading and Sophia Amoruso is the creator of NastyGal and she wrote #girlboss to talk about her experiences including her ups and downs in creating a multi-million dollar business. And for those of you who don't know what NastyGal is, it's an online clothing store ( The reason why I want to purchase this book is to give me an insight in the fashion industry and selling market.

I've never tried out a primer before so this is going be a first for me, I've read some great reviews about it and I'm a bit excited to try it.

This is also another first, not an expert at contouring but I'm willing to practice and experiment with it and it's only $9.00. And comes with a bronzer, blush and highlighter. 

The reviews of this product is making me really excited. I love a shimmery look, especially on my darker complexion, my skin just looks so good with a really shimmery bronzer under the sun. 

Honestly I don't know what this product is but all I know is that it can make my skin glow and that's about it. Hopefully I won't regret it, if in fact I do purchase it.

There's such a rave about this brush and I might be a little late but I really really really want to have this brush to add to my very small make-up brush collection. It's used for applying and blending liquid foundation. And all I have to apply my foundation is an over used and abused beauty blender.

Black Opal is a company which specializes in making foundation for black persons or persons of darker skin tones. Their foundation is honestly my favourite foundation and it makes my skin look really flawless and this is one of the only foundations that I have tried that matches my complexion exactly and has a yellow undertone. 

And for the last item on my wishlist is the e.l.f eyeshadow palette. it's shimmery and has alot of nudes and that's why I want it because I love anything with shimmer, and also because I don't have any good eyeshadow palettes.
That's it for my wishlist for the month of April and let's hope that I have saved enough to purchase it. All items except for the Black Opal True Color Liquid Foundation in Beautiful Bronze will be purchased on Amazon. 

There is no guarantee that I will purchase all the items listed but this is to give an idea of some of the items that I have been daydreaming above having.

Wish me luck!
xoxo, Wishful

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