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Tuesday, March 31

Did a little damage to my wallet today well my parents wallet since I'm still in school but these are the items that I bought from a local beauty supply store called "Wings of Love" and drugstore called "M&C Drugstore". Can you tell that they are my favourite stores? Here are the name of the items that I purchased:

Kleancolor Iconic Eyebrow Gel in Dark Brown. I haven't tried it out yet since I haven't done my eyebrows (I'm growing them out), but I promise that when I do I will definitely do a review.

Jordana Best Length Extreme Lengthening Mascara in 303 Black. I love this mascara, one coat of this and my eyelashes look amazing, it is definitely not waterproof and rub off very easily, which is a good thing when it's time to take off my makeup but a horrible thing when I'm having a really busy, sweaty day. Other than that they work great in lengthening my eyelashes.

NYX Lip Liner Pencils
1) 809 Mahogany 
2) 839 Dolly Pink
I don't really need to explain my love for lip liners anymore, but I really do like these colours. Dolly Pink is different from all the lip liners that I own since most of them are nudes, so I am a little big excited about trying it out. Mahogany is like a brown but with a redish undertone which I didn't like at first but I am slowly falling in love with it.

Santee Plus Nail Lacquer in M62A Baby Pink. First of all I'm horrible at applying nail polish but other than that I really enjoy this colour and I'm thinking of putting it to great use for Easter.

Sacha Lipsticks
1) Maroon Glaze
2) Matte Me Coral
Love love love these lipsticks and I definitely will be speaking about them more in an upcoming posts so stay tuned for that.

All of the items listed above were bought with my own money and these are my personal opinions about each product. 
Feel free to use my pictures, but I would appreciate giving credit.


Saturday, March 28

I've been comparing the L.A Girl Pro. Conceal and the Black Opal Even True Concealer. They're both great, affordable concealers especially for darker skin tones. Let's start off with the L.A Girl Pro. Conceal.

L.A Girl Pro. Conceal is my my favourite concealer out of the two concealers and the less expensive one. It has a thicker consistency and does not leave my skin oily since it dries somewhat matte. I'm in love with the built-in brush applicator that it comes with, which makes it very easy to apply the product and allows for better precision especially when I use it as a highlight under my eyebrows. The shade I got it in is "GC983 Fawn" which is perfect for me. I definitely will repurchase this product again since I'm running out. The only downfall is that it does not erase under eye creasing which is probably the only flaw that I have found when using it, other than that I'm still in love with it.

Black Opal Even True is a great concealer if you're looking for more of a lighter coverage. It doesn't come with a brush but a roll-on ball that you have to press onto your face in other for the concealer to come out which takes some time getting use to. The shade I got it in is "Mahogany" which is way to dark for a concealer for my skin tone so I use it as a foundation when I want a light coverage on my face. It's not as thick as the L.A Girl Pro. Conceal which makes it easier to spread onto my face. I do like this product but I prefer to use it as a foundation other than a concealer.

All of the items listed above were bought with my own money and these are my personal opinions about each product.
Feel free to use my pictures, but I would appreciate giving credit.


Thursday, March 26

April is just around the corner and I have already made my wishlist. Due to where I live it's not possible to purchase some of the items in my country, which is why I am seeking to purchase them online. All of the items listed are makeup items because I need to grow my makeup collection.

Here are the names of the items on my list:


Wednesday, March 25

I used to be a lipstick girl, but now I am officially a lip liner girl. For the past couple of months I have ditched the lipsticks for lip liners and I am loving it. I love the way that they don't smudge as much as lipsticks and the way they give that matte finish to my lips. Lately I've been more into nudes or colours close to brown for more of a natural look. 

Time Reveals EVERYTHING!!

"But he pushed me away, he didn't love me." she cried out.
"He did love you, he just didn't know how to show it" her mother replied.
"But when you got with him, did you ever think that he was good enough to raise a child?" the saddened girl asked. "I deserve to be love, I deserve to have a father that shows me his love." 
As she poured her tears into her mothers lap while sitting on the carpet floor and her mother sitting at the end of the couch. She was so blind, caught up in her tears and her saddened heart that she didn't realise that the one that she blamed did the best that she could. The one she thought that hated her did the best that he could. They got together not because of love, it was because her mother run to him for provision and he was just going along with 'having a girlfriend', until she came along.
"Just because you deserve it doesn't mean you are mean't to get it." her mother tried to explain. "There are some things that I have done and gone through that I cannot share with you." When I stayed with my father I used to ran away, but I don't want to tell you about that."
Hearing those last words silenced her tears, it was like her heart stopped as she raised her head from her mother's lap and thought to herself, how she could have been so selfish and self-centred, only thinking about her pain and her struggles. She then begin to realise that what she's going through was nothing compared to what her mother went through, if it led to her mother running away -after all when someone runs away especially someone like her mother who has been so strong throughout those years that it must have been really awful. But then she stops and begins to think again. What was it that her mother went through, what was the tragedy? As the saying goes 'everything will be revealed in time'. I guess we will have to wait and see...
                                                                                                                                              xoxo, Sad

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